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Cold Starters

Beef Tartare

With roasted bread and butter

Fish Mama's

Fish pate, Salty anchovies, Smoked Adriatic tuna,
prowns and mussels

plate (for two)

Domestic Prosciutto, selection of chooses, domestic sausage, sausage with truffles, homemade pickled onions

Goat cheese

Mousse with roasted grapes

Tuna Tartare

With roasted bread

Tofu Vegetable
Rolls with salad

with bruscetti

Warm appetizer & Soup

Fish Mama soup

Adriatic prawn, mussels, white fish, rice

Mussels Buzara

Mussels in Dalmatia Buzara sauce

Black Rissoto

Black Cuttlefish Rissoto

Creamy vegetable soup

Creamy tomato soup

Main Course


with Chard alls Datmotio alla cauliflower sauce


with Chard alla Dalmatia and parsley sauce

Adriatic Shrimps

Dalmatian"Buzara' sauces with baking potatoes
allo Peka

Adriatic Gilthead

with Chard alla Dalmatia

Adriatic Tuna Steak

with Tomato Concasse and Dalmatian potato
and fennal salad

truffle Tenderloin steak

with truffle mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts in cayenne popper sauco

Rib-Eye Steak

With potatoes seasoned with Dalmatian spices and Romesco sauce

T-bone steak

with potatoes seasoned with Dalmatian spices, grilled vegetables and homemade onion chips

Pasticada TUNA

Dalmatian specialty with gnocchi

Fish Mama's plate (for two)

Seabass fillet, Adriatic Tuna, Grilled squid, Adriatic Shrimps, Mussels and Chard alla Dalmatia as side dish

First class fish

Reminder: Please check with the waiter

Kids menu

Chicken breast with french fries

Grilled chicken with fries

Pasta Bolognese

Ground meat with spaghetti


Mixed season salad

Combination of fresh vegetables with a soft dressing.

Grilled vegetables

grilled to perfection with olive oil, garlic, and herbs




Cheesecake with fruit topping

Light and fluffy , with juicy pieces of fruit

Cake of the day

We guarantee you'll love it!

Homemade Ice Cream

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